Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Royal Ball

We love the girls' new school. They have several events each year and they try to make them all inclusive and free. This night was a ball, you could bring any family members and dress any way you wish. Mia dressed as a royal pet. I'm pretty sure she was the only one! She did her own makeup.

Anna didn't want to dress up at all which surprised us.

Mia spent most of the night with her friend Aayla.

The gym was all decked out for dancing. Most of the kids just ran around!

Photo opp!

There were treats you could purchase.

In the art room the kids made Valentines for soldiers.

Dan was a trooper considering it was his last full day of work and he had looked forward to having a glass of wine and watching a movie, our usual Friday night. I guess he should keep an eye on the calendar. He He

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Mother Daughter Tea

 On Sunday the girls and I went to Mother Daughter Tea at the country club. I'm not too good with selfies!

It was very nice with a classical guitar player. This tea was geared towards younger girls. Mia was one of the oldest girls there.

They got to decorate and take home a bear. With the bear came a large sucker!

They didn't care for the fancy finger sandwiches but loved the tea with lots of sugar cubes! So they filled up on the beautiful treats. Sorry, no pictures! But there were cupcakes, cheesecakes, baklava, donuts and scones. They are maybe not quite as well-mannered as I would hope.

Picture time!

The name tags were so pretty. Just ignore the dirty plate in the background.

And on the way out...more treats, jars of candy to fill up your goodie bags! Yes, they were bouncing off the walls the rest of the day.

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Paul and Maureen Visit

In the middle of January Paul and Maureen came for a visit. It just so happened that the girls had both the Friday and Monday of their visit off school. They arrived on Thursday night.  On Friday we went down to the Cave of the Winds in Colorado Springs.

We have been there before but the girls really didn't remember it. They really enjoyed it this time.

The view out the back is amazing!

This slide was new. Mia made it to the top and slid down. Anna tried but got a little scared when she was half way up. I know I could not do it. They put it right on the edge of the canyon!!!

On Saturday we headed up to the mountains to go to the Ice Castles. Becky and the boys joined us.

The castles were much more kid-friendly than the last time we were there, about six years ago.

The roof of this one room was spectacular!

There were ice blocks called T.V.'s that the kids could go behind for a picture.

This time there was also a big ice slide. There were some smaller slides for Oli as well.

On Sunday we relaxed at home and on Monday the four of us adults went to the Avalanche vs. Ducks hockey game. We will see them again in just four short weeks for Dan's retirement!

Thursday, January 18, 2018

La Quinta New Years 2017-2018

Two days after Christmas we headed to California! We have some places we always go when we are there, the tennis courts, Sweet Tomatoes, the Mexican restaurant nearby but this time we decided to go somewhere new for a little outing. Our first stop was the Salton Sea. We have only been to the west side before, and that is pretty much a ghost town. But to get to our final destination, we went along the east side this time and happened upon the Salton Sea State Recreation Center. When I was young, I had a friend that went to the Salton Sea for vacation. It was a hotspot for fishing and boating until it became too salty and all the fish started dying. Now we learned the only fish that live in there is a species of tilapia and there are 400 million of them in the lake.

After a short visit at the lake, we headed to Salvation Mountain. One man, in his quest to spread the message of the Gospel, made and painted this entire thing. He spent 30 years of his life working on it.

The man who originally did all this passed away a few years ago. The man below is the caretaker, John. His job is painting, as needed, for upkeep and to keep people walking only on the yellow brick road. We saw him throw a few people out because they wouldn't listen to him and kept standing in the waterfall to get pictures.

I completely forgot we were supposed to go a few more miles to Slab City. This is an old army base where only the slabs are left. Artists camp out there and create works of art that you can walk around and look at. Yes, the desert lends itself to extreme people!

On the 30th, Dar had everyone over for a gathering. Both Aunt Helen and Bill were staying at Dar's. I miss the family gatherings so much. It felt like old times.

Dar's pool was just finished and it was a beautiful sunny day so we all hung out there.

Matt and Lauren are having a baby in May!

The girls were happy to have other kids there.

Joey and Brittany were able to make it.

Once back at home we swam and swam and swam. It may be the last time we are there as we are putting it on the market. It doesn't make sense to keep it if we are only going to use it three times a year. Dan spent the entire first day there, his birthday, doing chores.

On the 31st, we had our usual New Year's, find an old video from a few years ago and do the countdown at 7:00!

We came home on the second!