Saturday, June 23, 2018

Big Weekend!

 It wasn't supposed to be a big weekend but Mom and Dad may have messed up. Mom planned a girls weekend for Dawn's birthday the third weekend of April. It was Dawn's 50th. She shares her birthday with Mia, April 17th. Then Dad asked when he could do a guys golf weekend. Since the girls weekend was the weekend after Mia's birthday I told him he could do any weekend but the second weekend, the weekend before her birthday, so we could have a party. A week or two went by. He scheduled the trip for the second weekend of April. I okayed it. We were both brain dead. Since we were going to Chase's first birthday on the first weekend of April, Mia's party would have to be the last day of March! Of course, what kid minds having their birthday party almost three weeks before their birthday!! Not this girl. And Easter was the next day, hence the big weekend.

We went to Boondocks where we had pizza, cake and opened presents first.

After that it was two hours of laser tag, go carts, miniature golf, and arcade fun! 

And the next day was Easter. we missed having Becky, Arek, Maks and Oli at brunch as they were in California.

Friday, June 22, 2018

Spring Break 2018!

For Spring Break this year we went house hunting in California!

We spent several days looking at houses but we also tried to have fun. 

The weather was not so good but we did find a good day to go to the aquarium.

This is sooooo much better than the Denver Aquarium. I guess it pays to be near an ocean!

I'm not sure why an aquarium as an aviary but Mia sure enjoyed it.

Anna...not so much.

Mia got her braces right before we left. Gotta save those two top teeth, one fall and they would be history!

Not sure what's going on with the look on Mia's face.

They really really really wanted to go to the beach. So jackets and all, they did.

We had a day off from looking at houses and it started raining. So we found this indoor play place in Huntington Beach.

They had a blast in these spinning bumper cars.

On our last day we went to visit Joey, Brittany and the kids. We wanted to get an early start to avoid traffic. But since they both work there was no point in getting there too early. My idea - stop my a mission! I fully realize that not everyone is into them like I am.

The girls seemed excited at first but that went away pretty quickly.

When they realized...

...that they were not...

...going to be going to...

...a spy mission! No wonder they were disappointed!

Speaking of surprises, did you know Bob and Delores Hope are buried at the San Fernando Mission?

We met everyone at a park and then went to their house for Mexican food. Afterward, we played at the playground next to their condo.

And...we found a house!

Monday, June 11, 2018


The girls took a great class through our awesome recreation department. They practiced for six weeks singing a solo song, along with the recording artist. Mia sang Get Off of my Back.

Anna sang Edelweiss. And although I recorded it, I do not have a still picture of it.

They also sang Timber as a group with a little dance to accompany it. 

Two nights later Mia had a performance with her third grade class. She is in the far back towards the left.

We do not usually do much in the evenings on school days so this was a very busy week!