Monday, September 29, 2014

Apple Picking 2014

We didn't get to go apple picking last year as a frost had killed all the buds. This year there were plenty of apples to pick!

We love to go to Third Street Apples. It's very small and friendly. We also got a few pumpkins from their patch.

Everyone got in on the act.

Some LOVED it and cried when we had to stop (Mia). One, honestly, would be just as happy doing other things. This particular one brought her purse (Anna.)

Anna: I don't know where I put my lip balm.

Me: You can't find your lip balm? Let's look at home. Why don't we pick apples while we are here.

Anna: Why are we picking apples?

Me: Because it so much fun!

Anna: (Blank stare.)

The tractor was especially fun for Max.

When we got home we made applesauce. It was unanimous, store-bought apples make better applesauce!

And today we found out Anna can have her surgery October 28th!

Saturday, September 27, 2014

The Rest of Our Week

After we got back from California, we had a busy rest of the week. On Wednesday we had tickets to see Shrek the Musical. We go to the school matinees which are $7.50 a ticket as opposed to the regular shows which cost $25. If Dan wants to go we pay the extra money to go on the weekend. He rarely wants to go!

I thought it was kind of boring but the kids loved all two hours of it (there was an intermission). Of course I thought Wicked and Les Miserables were also boring. Perhaps I don't really like musicals.

On Thursday we went on a field trip with the Options program to the botanical gardens.

On Friday Mia had Friday school and we went to the plastic surgeon. Anna does need surgery. When to do it is the problem. She only operates on clefts the fourth Tuesday of every month. I guess nose jobs pay a lot more! Anyway, we have a Thanksgiving trip in November, a wedding and baby shower the first week of January and a grandchild due in the middle of February. So we would probably wait until the end of February or end of March. We do have October open but the surgery schedule is full on October 28th. We are hoping for a cancelation!

Today the girls went to Arden's birthday party at Monkey Bizness. picking!

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Another Little Trip to California

Last Friday we took Michelle and Stel out for Michelle's 50th birthday. We had such a nice dinner. It's always so much fun to be with them.

We woke up the next day and flew to California. The flight attendant was watching Anna try to take a selfie and then offered to take our picture.

The girls always make the best of hotel rooms!

After checking in and relaxing for about an hour we headed off to Ben's first birthday!

Max was there too!

Anna loved pushing Ben around in his stroller and he loved it too. He doesn't like anyone but his parents to hold him but he doesn't care who pushes him!

It was Mickey Mouse all the way for the birthday boy.

After a good night's sleep, we left for Orange County. On our way we met Jim for breakfast. He seems to be doing pretty well without Mom.

The next day we headed out again. Can you guess where we were going?!

We decided to take Anna to Disneyland for her birthday. She said she didn't want to go and asked if she didn't go would she still turn four? So cute. But we knew better. We MADE her go. We are awful parents. BTW, she loved it.

This cute curly haired boy keeps showing up everywhere we go!

We came home Tuesday. EXHAUSTED!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Baby Update

I thought I would do a little update on Grandbaby #4. He/she is affectionately known as Baby Martian! Beth and Greg do not want to know the sex of the baby so we will have to wait on that. A few weeks ago Baby Martian started poking out just a bit.

But this week the little rascal is really starting to grow!

So far everything is right on schedule and Mommy is doing great. What a blessing!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Dawn and Bill's Wedding Reception

On Saturday Dawn and Bill had their wedding reception in our backyard. On Friday we had a light snow and a high of 50!

But on Saturday it was gorgeous, 75 degrees and clear. Colorado weather is never boring!

Dawn and Bill served a Mexican buffet and yummy cupcakes for dessert. It was very casual, just like they wanted. Everyone had a great time.

It was a joy to have Aunt Helen and Uncle Bob stay with us, along with Dave, Denise and Dar.

Dawn and Bill looked so happy!

Bill's kids Nicole and Wade were there as well as Nicole's boyfriend, Jason.

Dawn's dad flew out from Louisiana and her aunt drove out from Arizona.

Of course the usuals were there too!

There were a few friends and business associates who came, including a friend for Mia to play with!

I am so happy that everything went smoothly for their big day!

Monday, September 15, 2014

Maks is Two!

On Wednesday Maks will be two!! He is going to California tomorrow so we had a little party for him yesterday. Because Dawn and Bill's wedding reception was the day before (pics on that once I collect everyone's) there were lots of people staying at our house to celebrate! He had is Great Aunt Dar, Great Aunt Denise, Great Uncle Dave, Great Great Aunt Bonnie, Great Great Aunt Helen, and Great Great Uncle Bob, cousin Wade, and Great Uncle Bill, along with the four of us regulars in attendance.

There were many "helpers" for gift opening.

Maks squealed every time he opened a new car.

So happy we got to celebrate with you Maks!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

School and Such

We have worked out our schedule for this year and it is going well!

From about 8:00 - 9:30 the girls work on the same subjects, but at different levels. We all sit at one table. Our schedule is basically:

Opening (Prayer, Bible verse, character memory, flag salute, calendar)




After all those subjects we take about a 20 minute break, but that depends on how much laundry I need to fold and put away!

After break we have together time. We work on character lessons, prayers and science.

We end our school day after doing FIAR, Four in a Row. It's really a five in a row program but Mia goes to school on Fridays. We read the same picture book four days in a row. On Monday we discuss it and locate the setting on the map. On Tuesday they make a picture. We try to use the same medium that the artist used in the book. On Wednesday they dictate to me what their pictures are about. On Thursday we do a project. This week we are making "ocean" water and then letting the water evaporate. They have learned evaporation, solution, and how to measure a liquid's height. They look forward to FIAR every day!

Mia's reading is coming along really well. I have never taught anyone to read. Even though I taught third grade for eight years, the kids could at least blend when they came to me. Teaching it from the beginning is really new and very rewarding! She loves to read! Once a month we go to the library and she reads to a dog. Seriously. It is so fun for her! Our libraries around here are AMAZING!

Anna is almost done learning all her sounds but I'm not sure she is ready to read yet. She is definitely not ready to write! She doesn't seem to have any directionality yet and I think she may even need to be tested. Hopefully, it will come soon!

We went to our local theater and saw Doktor Kaboom do a science show. Even though most of the talking was over their heads, they enjoyed the experiments!

Today I took Anna to her post-op appointment with the ENT and she had her regular speech therapy appointment. Both of them agree that she needs another surgery!!! It's called a pharyngeal flap. So I have to call the plastic surgeon and see if we can do it before the end of the year since we've already met our deductible.

Mia is really liking Friday school. I wouldn't say loving it. Not yet. She does love P.E.! And Anna now LOVES music class. It's so much better when wearing a fancy dress!

Sunday, September 7, 2014

The Last Few Days

Today we went to our church festival. It was quite a surprise to run into these two there.

These are Mia's birth grandparents. They live in Vermont but they were in town for his brother's funeral and just happened to go to our church for Mass today. Mia was very excited to see them.

Last week was Becky's 26th birthday. We got to celebrate it with her! I don't usually get to see the older kids on their birthdays.

Anna loves the binoculars. We sometimes get deer in the morning and there are always lots of birds to look at from the sunroom.

The girls were busy this morning. Indoor camping. Why didn't I think of that?

Have a good week!