Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Shower Weekend Day 2

On Sunday it was time for Shower #2! For this shower we had close family, friends and Arek's relatives. We didn't invite extended family as there is only so much space and time!

It was HOT! We had the shower outside under umbrellas (of which there were not quite enough). The high for the day was supposed to be 80, but it was already 84 at noon. So it was mostly likely around 90 when the shower was over. But everyone seemed to have a good time and Becky got lots of things off her registry and tons of diapers! It was also nice to get to know some of Arek's family.

Becky is decorating for the baby with a forest friends theme so I found these cute little beehives which fit perfectly. Thanks to my friend, Sheri, for figuring out just how to use them.

As each guest arrived we had them fill out a wish for Baby Max on paper onesies. Then we hung them on a clothesline surrounding the party.

We had Becky take a picture with each of her guests for an album. I chose a few randomly to share here.

Here is Becky with her future mother-in-law.

And with her cousin Tori.

And with Natalie, a friend since first grade!

And here she is with Aunt Dar, her Godmother.

And with Arek's cousin Elizabeth and her two daughters.

And of course I have to sneak in a peak of her with Baby Avery.

We topped off the day with a really good cake decorated just like the invites with forest friends.

Looks like she is ready to go...

It was quick and fun weekend. I really miss seeing the older kids but it's only a few weeks until the wedding.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Shower Weekend Day 1

Friday night I hopped on a plan for shower weekend! On Saturday I attended Beth's family wedding shower. And on Sunday I gave Becky a family/friends baby shower. Both were in California and both turned out great. It was nice to spend some time with both of my older girls and lots of family and friends.

Friday night the girls went to bed great for Dan after I left the house at about 7:30 to drive to the airport. That helped me to start the weekend with a lot less worry. I spent the night in a hotel near LAX.

Saturday morning Beth picked me up in an awesome little Kia Rio and we drove to Santa Monica Shutters Hotel. We fit right in with all the Beamers and Jags...not. Our room for the shower at the hotel was beautiful and the table was set exquisitely with a yellow tablecloth, little flower bouquets and matching cupcakes!

Matron of Honor, Lauren, did a fantastic job!

Beth looked so happy in her pretty orange dress. She is so excited to get married and we all can't wait for September 22nd!

My sweet little grandchild, Avery, was there. She is looking just like Joey!

We invited my two lifelong friends, Katryn and Karen, that I met freshman year of high school because they are like family! (And yes, the are twins.) They also make any party a lot of fun. Come to think of it, they made high school a lot of fun!

Here is the bride-to-be with the immediate family. Brittany looks just like one of us!

Beth and her Grandma. We had four generations at the shower!

I can't believe I have no pictures of the table or Dan's side of the family! If anyone has some, please send!

While I was away on Saturday, Mia got to go Red Rocks with Sheri, Bob and Bailey. She had a blast and Dan got some respite.

Beth took pictures fro me at Becky's shower so I'll post those later.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Wounds and Wood

Anna was in such a good mood last night and all today. She did not need any pain medication at all today.

So today I took them to the park and made sure I held Anna's hand everywhere she went so she wouldn't fall face first and break open her incision. On the 1/2 mile, very short, ride home she pulled off ALL of her steristrips! I called the doctor and we agreed I would go buy some more. Then a few minutes later it started to bleed. So I called the doctor back. I was going to need to bring her in. Of course, they are in the office farthest from my house today! And it's nap time to top it off. But we made the drive. Her incision is okay. The scar may be a little wider than he originally intended but that can be revised when she is older. I have to leave the blood on there and put some antibiotic cream on it twice a day. Our other choice would be to put new steristrips and splints on her arms. The splints would keep her from bending her elbows so she couldn't touch her wound. The doctor and I agreed this would be a bad idea for her age as she could easily loose her balance and fall flat on her face! In the picture the scar is where the blood is right now.

On to other things...our house is going very slow. The subcontractors have made a few mistakes that have kept permits from being signed off. We're happy that they have tough inspectors though! So we now have lumber. Hopefully it will be used soon!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Anna's Surgery

Anna's surgery went smoothly! It took about an hour and fifteen minutes. She looked so cute in her little hospital gown. It was brushed cotton and really soft.

She knew something was up when we put it on her. Her eyes were watching everyone VERY carefully.

The yellow socks distracted her and were a big hit!

Even toddlers have to go through the humiliation of the open back gown.

I was able to go into the Operating Room with her until she was completely asleep. She never cried. The anesthesiologist held the mask up to her mouth after applying fruit flavored chapstick to it to make it smell good.

She was not a happy camper in recovery. She wouldn't drink from the sippy cup, but wouldn't let it go either. Reminded me of Gotcha Day when she wouldn't eat the cookie I gave her, but also wouldn't let it go.

Sleepy baby on the way home. Notice what's still in her hand.

The surgeon said he was able to close everything up well but she will need more revision later by a plastic surgeon. But not for a few years!

Sunday, August 19, 2012


Our friends, Jill and Mike, came for dinner Friday night to meet Anna. They brought lots of presents for both girls. In fact everyone who has brought a gift for Anna, has also brought something for Mia. People are very thoughtful.

Matching tutus were a real hit! But now we have glitter all over the house we are trying to sell.

Mia can always get Mike to spend most of his time playing with her. We tell him it's okay to say, "No." But he's such a softy!

When my mom came out for a visit we explained to Mia ahead of time that they were coming to visit and talk with everyone, not just to play with her. We felt we needed to explain this to her as when her birth grandparents come over, they are coming to play with her exclusively. This little talk with her really worked and she didn't keep asking them to play with her so we were all able to talk and have a nice time. I think I need to start doing that before anyone comes over! Mia is just so social that she has no "warming up" period. She pretty much steam rolls over visitors as soon as they come in the door!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Belleview Park

This is such a fun park. We couldn't let the summer go by without visiting it at least once. We were meeting up with Sophia and her mom, Kathleen, but they were a little late so I took some pictures while we waited.

As you can see from the sweaters, our weather is starting to get cool in the mornings.

Once our friends arrived, our first stop was the petting zoo. Anna kept her distance. She still is not to fond of ANY animals. But Mia is just the opposite. She never met an animal she didn't like.

I thought Mia was going to crawl right in there with that pig. She has no fear of them.

There was a fake cow where you could practice your milking skills.

Anna wasn't afraid of the plastic animal!

After that, we decided to go on the train! Aren't their little behinds cute patiently waiting?

Mia and Sophia were grown up enough to have their own bench seat. This is when I really know she has matured, because last year she kept trying to stand up and I had to hold her down on the seat.

Normally, we would wade in the creek next. But today it was a little too cool so we went to the playground instead.

We ended our trip with a picnic. Goodbye Belleview Park until next summer!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Older Parents

When Mia first started to walk she would grunt when she picked stuff up off the floor. We thought it was cute. It took us a while to realize she was imitating us! Her old folks! Then of course we thought it was super funny and we even said to people, "Watch this!" Now, just today, Anna started grunting when she picks stuff up off the floor. Children are certainly little sponges!

But that's not all. Little Miss Anna gets very upset if she doesn't have glasses on when she plays on the phone or computer. She insists on them! She knows you simply can't use the phone or computer if you aren't wearing them. At least in her world. That would be the Old Folks Home she lives in.

Anna is having surgery on Monday. It will be outpatient, and hopefully, a quick recovery.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Little Climbers

Mia has and always will be a climber. Anna WAS not. But she is learning quickly. The first time I took her to the park she did not want to play on anything. Even two weeks ago at the mall playground she preferred to watch.

But now Anna has got the climbing bug, too. She keeps climbing up onto the desk and turning off the answering machine, a Mia trick from a few months ago.

Mia will climb anything, anywhere, any time.

We enrolled her in gymnastics and she is loving it. There are only two of them in the class and so she gets lots of climbing time. The coach is great and really requires them to follow her directions. She is exhausted after the 45 minute class.

This is the hardest part for her...sit in the circle and don't get out of it!

Of course, this would be the easiest part.

Anna wants to go in there now too but she'll have to wait until she's three.

And, BTW, the new ENT can do the lip revision and the tubes! We're just waiting for approval from our insurance. Hopefully, surgery will be at the end of the month.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Our Non-Boring Life

Today we went to church. We brought some coloring books and crayons (we are back to going to a Catholic church and the kids sit with us.) We were dressed nicely. The girls had ribbons in the hair. We forgot just one thing. No one put any underwear on Mia! She had a pretty dress on and we didn't notice she had gone commando until we sat down in the pews. It was not easy to keep a three year old sitting ladylike through a one hour service!

When we got home we sat down for a nice lunch. When Anna had had enough she emptied her plate on her head. There weren't any wet items so Dan figured the easiest way to clean it up was to get out the dust buster.

This all gets me to thinking about Thursday night. We had spaghetti. Anna has a couple of holes in her palate. You might know where this is going! For a few hours after dinner she kept rubbing her nose and making funny sounds. Next thing I know, I look over and she has a noodle coming out of it! It was hilarious. But Dan wouldn't let me take a picture!

Life is never boring around here!