Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Mother's Day 2017

On Mother's Day I woke up to this fantabulous gift. They had seen this necklace when they got their ears pierced and made Dan go and buy it.  We are trying to remember to wear them every Sunday although Anna's chain has already broken.

After church we went to brunch with Becky and Oli. Arek stayed home with Maks who was sick.


Mia was happy despite the picture look. For the first time, we let her go and choose her own food. She did great and actually got some vegetables and fruit.

Let them eat cake!

The next day I went to a Mother's Day tea at Anna's school.

Mrs. Chardon, Anna's beloved teacher and, Crystal, Anna's best friend at school.

Both Joey and Beth called to make it a perfect Mother's Day.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Oli Turns Two!

Oli didn't have a first birthday party because he was recovering from major surgery on his palate. So we celebrated his second birthday with a trip to the railroad museum! (He has gotten a haircut since then.)

Mia really liked this pose on that day!

I got to sit next to Oli on the train ride!

There were cupcakes!

We randomly ran into an acquaintance of Beth's also named Rebecca. Beth was a little confused when she got pictures from two Rebeccas at the same place! The little boy in blue belongs to the other Rebecca.

Oli, we love you!

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Easter Weekend 2017

Our Easter weekend started out with our neighborhood Easter egg hunt, of which I have zero pictures.  Maks found the golden egg at that one and won a Lego set! The hunt was total chaos! 

After the hunt, we went home and colored eggs.

Arek made some special eggs with yarn like he did as a child in Poland.

Oli colored eggs using a whisk!

The next day was Easter Sunday! We hid the baskets as is Dan's family tradition.

The girls sang in the children's choir at 11:30 mass. This is something our church just started at Christmas. The girls LOVED it.  It was my kind of activity - only one practice!

Anna was in the back and we couldn't see her most of the time. Mia made up for it. She was very exuberant singer!

Anna in my glasses.

Anna set up an Easter activity for the boys before they came over. She was disappointed that they weren't in the least bit interested. Who doesn't like school?

The boys arrived and it was time for the backyard hunt! This guy is on a mission.

And then...we celebrated Mia's birthday. Why not?

It was pretty casual...

 I can't believe she is eight years old!

Another Easter/birthday weekend on the books.

Monday, June 5, 2017

Catch Up Post

Let's play catch-up! I know I won't be able to catch all the way up to today but I can cover a month. I don't take nearly as many pictures as I used to do now that the girls are in regular school. School is their activity!

On March 12th, Dan and I attended Cookie and Michael's wedding in Los Olivos. It was outdoors at a winery. Everything was perfect.

I loved the long tables!

Dan started the little stunt of taking the lights out of the decorative mason jars and putting them on his head. I tried to stop him!!! It became a trend.

What a beautiful wedding and reception!

After the wedding we went home for just one weekend then came back to California for Spring Break! None of our nieces and nephews plan their weddings around our schedule for some reason. :)

The girls only have birthday parties every other year, so on the off year we do something as a family. Mia chose Legoland. It was a few weeks before her birthday, but who complains when you get to celebrate early!  The girls and I were sick from Saturday - Wednesday, so this was the first time we left the house during the break. (Dan was sick at the wedding.)

Happy 8th Birthday beautiful Mia!

We had to take a picture of the ride with her name! She so loves horses!

Anna came down to breakfast and said one day, "When will I be six and a half? Remember, I said I would be brave enough to get my ears pierced when I am six and half." So I looked at the calendar, and I kid you not, it was March 30th, her half-birthday! So we did it that day!

When she decides to do something she is one tough cookie! No crying for this young lady!

Not wanting to be outdone, Mia opted to do it the next night. Well, really she waited until we got in the car in the parking lot and were driving away from Anna's piercing to tell me she wanted to do it that night. I said she would have to wait one more night. It didn't go over all that well, but what can you do?

The next night she brought along Sebastian and Anna to hold her hands. They pierced both ears at the same time. Otherwise, we know she would have only one ear pierced! 

She won't let anyone, including herself, change her earrings. She asked me to do it at night while she slept. I was able to change one, but have not been able to change the other without her waking up. So for two months now she has been wearing two different earrings. I heard that's the style now!

Dan and I chaperoned Anna's field trip to the botanic gardens. Such a nice group of kids!

The girls don't get a ton of presents on the years they don't have parties. She loved the Minion Trouble game my dad sent her.

Anna went to her first birthday party for a school friend. They saw Beauty and the Beast and then went out for pizza!

So that was mid-March to mid-April!