Saturday, November 26, 2016

Matt and Lauren's Wedding

We traveled to California two weeks ago to see Matt and Lauren get married!

They got married in a beautiful venue in Oak Glen but there were no hotels there so most of us stayed in Redlands. Dar and Sean threw a little party on the patio at the hotel the night before the wedding.  The weather was perfect. 

It was wonderful to see Aunt Helen and Uncle Bob. She has taken on the roll of Mom to all of us since Mom passed away.

We got to spend some time with Paige before and during the party!

Mia was overly excited most of the trip but reading always settles her down.

I gave Mia and Anna the job of taking pictures this night which they took seriously!

This is the first time Jason, Nicole's finance, had met most of our family.

Avery is so sweet.

We all love Dawn's new haircut!

And Ben's hairstyle too!  

It's always special when I get to spend time with my sisters.

The next day was the wedding. It was gorgeous!  

Dar and Matt!

Lauren and Matt! Her dress was stunning!

Ben was the Ring Bearer! He did great.

I wasn't able to get a picture of Oli because my camera froze right before the ceremony. The reception  was a bit chilly but a lot of fun. 

The 20/30 something girl cousins were all together for the first time in a long time. Only Emma was missing.

That night Mia got a stomach bug and was pretty weak by the time we got to the airport. TSA noticed I was having a hard time carrying her (she is getting big!) and they offered us a wheelchair.

We have 23 nieces and nephews so there a lots of weddings these days. I love them because they are like a family reunion!

Friday, November 25, 2016

Night at the Museums

One night a year, Denver opens most of its museums for free. It's called Night at the Museums.  This year we decided to go to just one museum and then out to dinner afterward. We chose the Firefighters Museum.

Outside on the street, there were the most interesting pictures woven into the mesh of these fences.
This one is an old-fashioned car.

This is the sun and moon.

Popcorn and soda bottle!

A deer and an elk?

Firefighter Anna!

Firefighter Mia!

I loved this old door from the first station. The station where the museum is located is the second location.

The details up close were beautiful.

The original switchboard was like a work of art!

A few blocks away we found a family friendly restaurant and then it was home and to bed!

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Happy Halloween!

This year we did several Halloween activities!

Our first was a party at the gym where Becky and I go to yoga twice a week. The girls dressed up and it really shows how different they are!

We met the Maciols there.

Introducing the cutest astronaut ever!

Next, the girls had parties at school. Here is Anna with her best friend, Crystal.

Of course we carved pumpkins!

Unicorns are big around here! Every girl that came trick or treating at our house marveled at the very unprofessional unicorn pumpkins!

We attended a family party at the Country Club. It was a little more fun for the adults than the gym party - wine, beer and a buffet!

On Halloween night we went trick or treating!  It was 65 degrees! That is pretty unusual for October 31st! We generally bundle up in jackets, hats and mittens. I guess I shouldn't say "we", I send Dan out when it's cold! I took them out this time!

It's a tradition to always have hot dogs on Halloween. This goes back thirty years when Dar and I started getting together for trick or treating every year. There was a new twist, figuratively and literally this year, hot dog mummies! Where the hot dog shows there was supposed to be eyes but we never got around to that part. The more I thought about it, the more I am convinced that real mummies did not have their eyes showing!

Time to start thinking about Thanksgiving!