Saturday, May 21, 2016

New Exhibits Trip

A few weeks ago, we took a little trip to the Museum of Science and Nature to check out two new exhibits.  The first one we visited was the Chocolate exhibit. This was the one the girls were most excited about, although they liked the next exhibit even more.

How convenient to have a chocolate shop right when you walk out of the exhibit!

After our snack we headed over to the robotics exhibit.

We loved it!

This robot will solve the cube after you mix up all the squares. There seems to be a Rubix Cube revival going on. Several young kids in our homeschool group are actually in Rubix Cube competitions this summer. 

Unfortunately, the robot kept breaking down and never did solve our puzzle!

A climbing robot was fun to watch.

Robots played soccer!

We did not have time to check out everything, but we did make a last stop to play with the robot cubes. Each cube has a function and you put them together to make your own robot!

Friday, May 20, 2016

Mia's Turns Seven!

The day before Mia's actual birthday we were to have her birthday party, but... we woke up to this.

We got a call from the gym where she was going to have her party and they said they wanted to postpone it. They thought it was too dangerous for guests and employees to drive.

Mia was disappointed but handled it well. And her friend, Ellie, came over to play which made it a good day! Ellie even brought Mia a birthday present. We also let Mia open her presents from us.

The next day, her seventh birthday, we sledded in the backyard.

Becky and family came over and we ate some of the cupcakes I had made for the party.

Then the next Saturday we had the party at the gym. Two people that could not attend the week before were able to make it this time!

Her best friends...Ellie, Lorelei and Rylee.
Ooops...we forgot the little sister - best friend!

Happy Happy Birthday, Mia! We hope it was worth the wait!

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Outdoor Adventures

We have had really cold rainy weather the last two weeks. So it makes my heart glad to look at these pictures from a few weeks ago and know it will be this way again soon!

We took Charlie on a hike very close to home, around a lake I didn't even know existed. It was one mile around the lake so I thought...perfect. No. Mosquitos were everywhere!

The girls really liked the hike because there were ducks and people fishing, but once we hit the swarms they were done!

We went down to Colorado Springs to have lunch with Dan during the Space Symposium. On our way back we decided to stop at Dirty Woman Park in Monument. Apparently the woman who lived on the land that the park is built on kept pigs and other livestock in her home!

We love that every city in Colorado seems to have at least two parks with creeks. Kids and creeks just go together!

Nature girls!

The Space Symposium was the second week of April - I am way behind in blogging!

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Eric Carle Coop

Af ew weeks ago we went to an Eric Carle coop.  We learned how to make pictures like the ones in his books.

First we read the story of The Grouch Ladybug, looking specifically at the illustrations and how they were made with collage papers.

Then we made our own collage papers.

We cut out shapes from the collage papers and then mounted them on black paper to make an object  Both girls chose to make butterflies.

The finished products!

Mia added a touch of aluminum foil to hers.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

First April Houston Wedding

Our three week electronics fast ended on Sunday! I hope to catch up on the blog over the next few days/weeks. The fast was fast-tastic! We will NEVER go back to how we were.

The first weekend of April we went to Andy's wedding in Houston. All out-of-towners were invited to the rehearsal dinner. Mia had so much fun playing with all her cousins outside.

We enjoyed the summer-like weather as April was very cold in Denver.

My sweet babies really enjoyed the trip.

The morning of the wedding we went over to Tim and Karen's house. I hadn't seen this most recent place. We enjoyed a nice talk on the patio.

The girls got bored after awhile and went on the iPads the last half hour or so. We will probably be selling our iPads so there will be no more pictures like this!

The wedding was great. The couple, Andy and Kelsey, are so cute and nice.  

The next morning we drove to my dad's house in Tyler. My stepmom is in the final stages of COPD so we went to support him and see her. She was not up for visitors but we had a nice visit with my dad.