Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Annual Trip to Butterfly Pavilion

Before we headed out on our annual trip to the Butterfly Pavilion, someone lost her first tooth! With the girls eighteen months apart, there is always a loose tooth now.

As for Butterfly Pavilion, it's one of our favorite places. And when we get to go with these two guys, it's even better.

Mia is still the only one brave enough to hold Rosie. Actually, she is not really brave, she just loves bugs!

They were fascinated with the bee hive. You get to watch the bees go outside and back in through a clear tube.

Please turn and smile.

We got two to turn. Maks?

Got it. Love Anna's eyes.

A new exhibit is worms, which were really beetle larva. You get to hold them and watch them bury themselves in dirt.

Until next year!

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Polo Fields

While we were in La Quinta there was a huge snowstorm in Denver. Dan was supposed to come out and join us for the last four days, Thursday - Easter Sunday. But his flight on Thursday morning was canceled. There were no flights on Friday available for him and no flights for us to go home early. So we decided we wouldn't be seeing each other for Easter.

Then, on Thursday, I found one flight available for Dan. He was able to fly in Friday. He didn't get to play golf with our old neighbors but he got to be with us.

We were supposed to have a barbecue after golfing on Friday but after canceling it and then reinstating it, people had made other plans. So we took the kids over to the polo fields for dinner. It was a perfect fit! They were setting up for Coachella Music Festival and let all the kids play on the stage and with the chairs. Because the huge tents created a lot of shade, we could put our tables out anywhere on the lawn.

There were lots of kids to play with.

The food was really good! This is our homemade potato chip appetizer.

One family brought a soccer ball and goals and the kids all played a game.

I think this is going to definitely be a go-to dinner place for us.