Saturday, October 31, 2015

Oliver's Surgery Week

Here is a timeline of little Oli's surgery week:

Sunday:  Becky took some pictures to remember how this guy with the huge smile looked. Your world is about to change big time, Buddy!

Monday:  Becky and Arek brought Maks over to spend the next few days at our house.

Tuesday:  I took all the kids to the Denver Children's Museum. We had a picnic lunch outside and then enjoyed the afternoon in the museum.

 Meanwhile, Oliver's surgery that was originally supposed to be in the morning, and then scheduled for 2:15, was not happening at 3:00. And, though he looks happy here, he was getting hungry!

He finally got in at 3:30. It went very well!

Wednesday:  We went to visit Oli in the hospital.

He was refusing to eat and couldn't leave that corner of the room because he was hooked up to an I.V. He almost had to spend the night again but Becky and Arek were able to bring him home and have been force feeding him. It will take him awhile to learn how to eat with his new lips and no NAM.  We love you Oliver!

Friday, October 30, 2015

What Have We Been Up To Lately

We have been busy and I have been too tired to blog at night. Dan has been out of town a lot and little Oliver had his surgery (a post on that later). But I have time now and Dan's home so I'm not quite as exhausted.

Befor we left La Quinta last time we bought season passes to the children's museum. I figure the girls are getting older and probably won't even want to go there in a couple of years and right now it gives them something to look forward to when we do go.

We did go to other areas of the museum but I only remembered to take pictures in the dress up room.

Last weekend we went to see the Golden Dragon Acrobats. What an amazing show! The girls came home with Chinese yo-yos.

On Monday we went to an Inside the Orchestra coop. The kids all sit in the middle while the orchestra surrounds them. My pictures are not good!

This man was an opera singer and sang Figaro as he walked through the audience. He made it fun!

There were professional ballet dancers that also danced through the audience. Again, I put the pictures up anyway so we can remember what we saw even though they are terrible.

I did manage to get a decent picture of the electric violin.

That's what we've been up to lately!

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Just Relaxin'

We are on a real vacation in La Quinta this week. No workers! Well, I just might sneak a tile repair man in today. :) While we were gone we had all the tile and grout cleaned in the main rooms and gravel put in all the planters. There is so much less dirt getting in the house! We were going to wait until next year to do the landscaping but I'm so glad Dan talked me into doing it now.

We had some Mexican fan palms planted in the corner. Very vacationy looking!

And we had them plant our favorite, bougainvillea, on several walls.

But the best is a navel orange tree which will give us oranges when we come in the winter!

The Farmer's marker in Colorado just ended for the season and the market here is just starting!

I bought all these persimmons for $10. They are $2 a piece in Colorado!

We have been relaxing a lot, swimming, going to the children's museum (bought an annual pass), and going to the park. We've only made one trip to Home Depot so far, as opposed to many times a day the last three trips.

We are going home Thursday so the girls can go to Friday School and then it's back again for Thanksgiving week!

Saturday, October 17, 2015

It's That Time of Year Again

It's apple time in Colorado!  They are actually getting old enough where these apple pickers aren't just for show!

How long does it take a three year old to walk down a dirt path? That's a trick question. If you let them walk they would nnnneeevvveeerrr get there. Too many interesting things to see, pick up and observe!

I'll hold you up so you don't fall Mia.

Yum! They were much better this year than last!

Anna is very photogenic!

Then we went to another place and chose pumpkins...

...and played with chickens.

Love our fall traditions!

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Fall Coops

We have been attending a lot of coops this fall and having a lot of fun.

We made art with glue and sand.

We learned to weave a unity scarf.

At our house we made green eggs and ham and then attended the play, Cat in the Hat, at our local theater.

Getting ready.

We went to a fire station tour.

Just as we were finishing up the fire safety video the fire fighters got a call and had to hop in their truck. Make was so excited!

We went to a coffee filter art coop where we traced the Mona Lisa and also drew some original art work.

Today we had a coop where we made fall tissue paper pictures.

We love our homeschool group!