Friday, April 21, 2017

Mid February

Mid February can be really cold and dreary around here but we find ways to make it fun.

The boys come over every Monday so Becky can get some work done for the new business.

Old likes to  make trains with books.

Mia likes her chocolate for Valentine's Day. You can see the music box that Dan bought the girls. It plays Edel Weiss, the song I have sung to all our children.

A new Boondocks opened in Parker and we have been there several times already. We need those indoor fun spots!

They had a pet extravaganza at the library.

Anna decorated pots for sheep grass, which I guess is similar or the same as chia grass. Mia spent more time with the live animals.

They made dog treats which Charlie didn't like.  Haha

And they created a doggy tug of war toy.

It was a bit ridiculous. The next craft was a bow tie for Charlie's Collar. Yep, that lasted a long time.

They also made doggie beds for their stuffed animals, although Charlie is small enough the girls wanted him to sleep in it!

I found this Lego table at a thrift shop and thought the boys might like it. But I guess you are never too old to play with Duplos!

This has been fun, but bring on the sun!

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Free Cabin

When we went up to Snow Mountain Ranch last Fourth of July, the girls filled out an entry for two nights in a three bedroom cabin. Anna won! ( Other lotteries she has won:  big stuffed animal at the dentist, and 16 out of 2400 for the school they are at.) We went up with Becky and Arek and kids the second weekend of February.

We tried to get Maks to sleep with the girls in the kids' room, but he got too scared. They spent a lot of time playing in there tough.

We had a couple of Hearts tournaments after the kids were asleep.

Our cabin had a beautiful view.

On Saturday we signed the kids up for ski and snow board lessons.

Maks and Mia loved it. Anna, not so much. She was done an hour into the lesson. I mean DONE.

Saturday night we had the Great Orange Juggling Extravaganza!

That was so fun!  Thanks, Anna, for the free weekend.