Saturday, June 20, 2015

Baby Update

Our last guest has left. For the last 16 days we have had between 7 and 15 people in our house every day. It has been fun and tiring and fun and messy. I am now ready to blog again but am having some trouble getting pictures off my phone. Luckily, the photo sharing seems to be working so this post will be about babies!

Oliver is doing great. He is receiving medication for reflux so he is not spending all his time crying after every bottle. :(

He is on week four of his NAM appliance.

The NAM is pulling the clefts in his gums closer together. That will mean an easier bone graft later on down the road.

The NAM is also evening out the clefts for a better post-surgical appearance.

After a few weeks nose splints will be added to the NAM to help elongate the columella.

Anna did not get the benefit of this appliance in China but we are sure glad Oliver does!

Paige is doing really well too! I have got to see her three times in the last three months and she is like a new person each time. I forget how fast they change at this age.

She can now roll over...

...and laugh...

...and play...

...and of course go to Sounders games!

So much fun!

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