Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Annual Trip to Butterfly Pavilion

Before we headed out on our annual trip to the Butterfly Pavilion, someone lost her first tooth! With the girls eighteen months apart, there is always a loose tooth now.

As for Butterfly Pavilion, it's one of our favorite places. And when we get to go with these two guys, it's even better.

Mia is still the only one brave enough to hold Rosie. Actually, she is not really brave, she just loves bugs!

They were fascinated with the bee hive. You get to watch the bees go outside and back in through a clear tube.

Please turn and smile.

We got two to turn. Maks?

Got it. Love Anna's eyes.

A new exhibit is worms, which were really beetle larva. You get to hold them and watch them bury themselves in dirt.

Until next year!

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