Sunday, December 11, 2016

Our Thanksgiving Week

The Friday before Thanksgiving I signed up to chaperone Anna's class to the zoo. I should have had more sense than to sign up to go on an outdoor field trip in November in Colorado!!! It was in the mid 30's for the trip, but it was Colorado so it was sunny!! We walked around outside for about 30 minutes and then we would go inside for about the same. All the kids were bundled up and it really wasn't that bad.  I did make Dan go with me because he had the day off.

The visit ended up being great because all the animals were out in the open. It was amazing. Usually we are there are on a warm day and the animals are lying in the back of their enclosures. I hardly took any pictures because I was in charge of five five year olds!

The girls had the whole week of Thanksgiving off. It just so happened that there was a homeschooling event on Monday.  The event was to take snacks and water to the homeless people that live around Denver Public Library.

The girls enjoyed the happy faces of the homeless as we gave them a water bottle and snack. The homeless were SO appreciative. The girls loved making them happy. 

Afterwards, we went into the library for a little checkers.

We had Thanksgiving at our house with about 15 people. I got this gingerbread house for the kids to put together while all the adults were chatting. It's my only picture from Thanksgiving!

We are normally in California for Thanksgiving and so we never get to attend any of the cities' lightings which almost all occur the day after Thanksgiving. So this year we trekked out to see our local lighting ceremony!

There are free carriage rides down Mainstreet.  We were able to sign up online fast enough to get a ride on the night of the lighting. 

It was fun to stay home for Thanksgiving for a change!

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