Monday, January 9, 2017

Some More Christmas Stuff

I am not taking nearly as many pictures as I have in the past few years. And since the girls are in school every day, we do not get out and go as many places as we used to go. So...I have a dearth of pics. But here goes...

Anna and Mia each had a friend over one day to make cookies. I can't believe this is the only picture I took!

Dan's Christmas party was pretty fun. I wasn't looking forward to it as most of the people I've known as friends through his job have retired in the last two years, but the new people are pretty great too!

You can see a box behind Mia. She seems to be always making things from cardboard boxes. No, it's not anything Christmas related but there are Christmas cards hanging in the background so I put it in this post.  It was a rocket for Charlie! I'll just tell you that since I wasn't smart enough to actually take a picture where you could see the thing.

We attended the cleft Christmas party again this year. Mia and Anna love the photo booth!

They had a scientist demonstration. Science is Mia's favorite subject!

That's a bubble on her hand.

Becky and Arek were already in California so we attended by ourselves. The cleft community in Colorado is alive and well!

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