Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Easter Weekend 2017

Our Easter weekend started out with our neighborhood Easter egg hunt, of which I have zero pictures.  Maks found the golden egg at that one and won a Lego set! The hunt was total chaos! 

After the hunt, we went home and colored eggs.

Arek made some special eggs with yarn like he did as a child in Poland.

Oli colored eggs using a whisk!

The next day was Easter Sunday! We hid the baskets as is Dan's family tradition.

The girls sang in the children's choir at 11:30 mass. This is something our church just started at Christmas. The girls LOVED it.  It was my kind of activity - only one practice!

Anna was in the back and we couldn't see her most of the time. Mia made up for it. She was very exuberant singer!

Anna in my glasses.

Anna set up an Easter activity for the boys before they came over. She was disappointed that they weren't in the least bit interested. Who doesn't like school?

The boys arrived and it was time for the backyard hunt! This guy is on a mission.

And then...we celebrated Mia's birthday. Why not?

It was pretty casual...

 I can't believe she is eight years old!

Another Easter/birthday weekend on the books.

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