Monday, January 30, 2012

Wedding Dress!

I met the two girls in Seattle this weekend to look at wedding dresses!

My girls never dress alike so I had to take a picture. Aren't they cute?

Filling out the forms to try on dresses. That's about all you'll see here. I'm not aloud to post any of the pics! But we all knew it was the one the minute she walked out. It was only the second dress and the least expensive of the day!

We had an early dinner at the hotel where the wedding will take place.

The next morning we spent some time looking at all the details of the room where the ceremony and reception will take place.

This is why it's called the Dome Room. It's just beautiful.

Cocktail Hour will be in the bar downstairs. We didn't even notice before that it has the same vintage travel theme as the wedding.

Next we went to Pike Place Market.

This was Asian broccoli.

I bought tons of delicious tomatoes to snack on through the day.

Greg's uncles bought him this tile years ago.

The famous fish market.

The quaint little engagement ring store where Greg bought the ring.

And just so we felt like we were really in Seattle, it rained all weekend!


Maureen said...

Yes, they are cute. Can't wait for the big day.

Roberta said...

We are on the count down to a very special day for all of us.