Saturday, October 13, 2012


The last two days we have been packing packing packing. If all goes through, we will be moving out of this house and into a furnished condo on November 3rd. We should know by the end of next week, once the home inspection and appraisal are done. I think I found a reasonably priced place (there are lot of crazy prices for furnished places) for us to live for a few months near Dan's work, but since I can't sign a lease until the 22nd it might be gone. Not going to worry about it right now.

We went to Chinese school for a few weeks. It sounded like a great idea at first, mommy and me for two and three year olds. Hey, I have a two and three year old. My main reason for going was for Mia to have a regular group of friends to play with since I teach her academics at home. It sounded great. But, they don't play. At all. It's a lot of sitting. A lot of listening to the teacher. A lot of not what I wanted. The one great thing about it was that we met another little girl adopted from the same healing home as Anna - pretty amazing since there have been only 16 adoptions from there.

Zoe is a year older than Anna, but their stays at Shanghai Healing Home did overlap. Hopefully we will see her at some other CCAI functions as we have quit Chinese school.

So now that Anna has speech therapy on Thursday mornings I take Mia to Kidstown every Thursday to play with other preschoolers. She has always loved it there and we all are happy now.

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