Monday, October 15, 2012

Fall Festival!

Yesterday we went to the Fall Festival at Anderson farms. We've gone to the corn maze at Chatfield the last few years, but decided to try something new this year. It was pretty crowded by Colorado standards, meaning we weren't the only ones! Everyone around here likes to be outside when it's warm.

Our first stop was food. They had a great BBQ place where we got to listen to live Blugrass music as we munched on our corn dogs and chicken on a stick.

We headed for the hay stack jungle next. It's just a bunch of haystacks lined up to run on with a few breaks for jumping. Really, my sisters and I could have played on this all day when we were kids.

Next was the tire mountain - not nearly as much fun as the haystacks for some reason.

What happened to Anna's hair?? Somewhere outside she pulled her pony-tail holder out and who knows where it went. Luckily it wasn't her shoes which she likes to take off...often.

Mia got to ride the ponies, but Anna would have none of that!

There was a kid-sized maze that Mia went through by herself...

...and a wooden train that was Anna's favorite attraction. She was actually a lot happier here than she looks. When she's happy she has a hard time standing still for pictures. this is the only one where she wasn't blurry.

We tackled the big corn maze but really just went in one side and out the other and the kids didn't really notice. Hehe

Such a cute face.

We raced pedal bikes with the girls on the back. You can probably guess who won. Mia also pedaled the little kids bikes.

Since it was my birthday, we had pizza and cake with Bill when we got home.

Packed all the candles but three so I got to be thirty! Now, back to packing. We have the home inspection tomorrow.

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Roberta said...

Happy Birthday Debbie! So so cute!