Sunday, January 13, 2013

Boxes Boxes Boxes

I think I will now start having time to blog again! Any time I have had even just a few minutes I have dug into boxes. Because the boxes were in storage for two months in a windy area, they are covered in a light film of dust. Not a big deal unless you are allergic to it and get sinus headaches and nausea! It took me a few days to realize why I wasn't feeling so well. We were worried there was something in the house bothering me. Luckily, that is not the case and I am feeling so much better as we get the boxes out of the house.

Speaking of boxes, here are Beth's birthday presents:

It seems quite normal to have boxes to ship off of for your daughter's birthday sitting in the kitchen, right? Well, these are not being shipped off. These I picked up from our gracious landlord who called and told me that they were delivered to our former condo. Yes, I sent my daughter's presents to our old condo. Obviously, I don't always pay the best of attention to what I am doing! There is an old Collins' saying, No brains, no headache.

So I let the girls open all the gifts.

Then we consolidated them all into a new box and sent them on their way.

Happy 32nd Beth!!

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