Thursday, May 2, 2013

This Week

We have been having fun this last week. We went to Logan and Lorelei's birthday parties.

Anna is enjoying her swimming lessons. She likes it much better now that there are two other kids in her class. She didn't like going back and forth the whole time with the teacher without any break. She likes her down time!

This morning Mia was playing with some blocks when I went in the shower. When I came out she had made us breakfast! It was so cute. And I was so glad she didn't get into anything dangerous!

This past Saturday I went on a 24 hour trip to Las Vegas. We took my friend, Sheri, to see Donny and Marie for her 50th birthday. It was so nice to get some sun!!! And the show was quite fun!

Life is getting back to normal again even though nothing in the house is completely done. We have a schedule again which makes all the difference!

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