Sunday, June 9, 2013


We are only hiking every other Sunday. But that's okay because we are taking the girls golfing on the other Sundays! We play three holes and then have dinner. Right now the girls only putt, but in a few years they can learn to hit short drives. I figure in about three years they will be better than me! By the way, that is super easy to do.

We take one cart because it's $21 a person for the second cart and, really, that's ridiculous for three holes!

Right now we only have one putter which will be Anna's because she is right handed.

Of course she putts either way. No discrimination right now!

Our friends have a left-handed putter for Mia so we should be set for the summer! My guess is they won't always be this cheap to outfit!

At dinner the kids menu is on the back of an etch-a-sketch. Mia had a lot of fun playing with it.

Next Sunday is Father's Day and we're going to let Dan golf more than three holes. And with a much bigger partner!


Kelly said...

Hi. I came to your blog from the China adoption link up. I am very encouraged to see the age span in your children. It goes against the "been there, done that" phrase I hear so often when talking to others about adoption who have older children. Our daughter came home in 2007 from China.

Debbie said...

Hi Kelly. I'm glad you are encouraged! I don't think God wants us to retire and spend every minute on ourselves. But everyone has to find what's right for them.