Monday, January 11, 2016

Fun Times

The girls attended Winter Camp at the children's museum three mornings while we were in La Quinta. Anna's camp was for kindergartners and they learned about different winter holidays. Mia's was all about Dr. Seuss.

We spent a lot of time at the skate park on this trip! It wasn't super warm but a lot warmer than it was back home.

Maureen and Paul joined us for New Years Eve. We were celebrating at "midnight" as we watched a replay of the ball dropping from last year. Shhh, you can see the clock in the background. At the exact time the girls were blowing horns and making noise Michael called to say he had asked Cookie to marry him at the stroke of midnight in Madrid! She said yes! Maureen was jumping around! De ja vu - Darlene was jumping around the Tuesday before Thanksgiving at the La Quinta house when Michael called to say he wanted to meet with Dar and Sean the next morning. Dani and Michael were engaged Thanksgiving morning.

If you are hoping for your adult child to become engaged, come spend a few days at our La Quinta house. It's guaranteed!

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