Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Candy Cane Lane

Back when the older kids were little there were several special places we would take them to look at Christmas light displays. One was St. Albans street in Pasadena. Giant fir trees line the street and each one is decorated. And then there were two Candy Cane Lanes, where neighbors go all out decorating their houses. One was in Sierra Madre and the other in Claremont. In Colorado there are no such neighborhoods. It would be quite dangerous I think with the slippery icy sidewalks. There are several commercial light displays, at the zoo, the botanic gardens, etc. and we have enjoyed those.

So I was excited to learn that there was a Candy Cane Lane in the Coachella Valley where we are for New Year's.  It is just one street, perfect for a five and six year old to walk. On Sunday night we headed over there and were not disappointed. You can walk or drive through. The girls and I wanted to walk. Scrooge wanted to drive. We won.

 There were lots of nativity scenes.

 Who are these two little cuties??

Only in the desert, Spiderman climbing a palm tree!
I thought this was a snowman, but now that I look at the picture I think it's a squirrel!

The scene below was in a garage with customized plexiglass in the front for you to look through.

This reindeer had a red nose with a burnt out bulb and Christmas "balls" strategically placed.

These wisemen will get to Bethlehem way before Epiphany on their quads.

It's too bad this whole event doesn't start until everyone leaves on Thanksgiving. It would have been fun to take all the grandkids!

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