Thursday, May 12, 2016

First April Houston Wedding

Our three week electronics fast ended on Sunday! I hope to catch up on the blog over the next few days/weeks. The fast was fast-tastic! We will NEVER go back to how we were.

The first weekend of April we went to Andy's wedding in Houston. All out-of-towners were invited to the rehearsal dinner. Mia had so much fun playing with all her cousins outside.

We enjoyed the summer-like weather as April was very cold in Denver.

My sweet babies really enjoyed the trip.

The morning of the wedding we went over to Tim and Karen's house. I hadn't seen this most recent place. We enjoyed a nice talk on the patio.

The girls got bored after awhile and went on the iPads the last half hour or so. We will probably be selling our iPads so there will be no more pictures like this!

The wedding was great. The couple, Andy and Kelsey, are so cute and nice.  

The next morning we drove to my dad's house in Tyler. My stepmom is in the final stages of COPD so we went to support him and see her. She was not up for visitors but we had a nice visit with my dad. 

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