Friday, July 8, 2016

Our Summer So Far

Summer is my absolute favorite time in Colorado.  It is BEAUTIFUL! Here's a few of the things we've been doing this summer.

You pay us to read to our dog. Novel idea. I can't imagine why no one took them up on it??

We did our own reading incentives with Dollar Store toys. I was just not up to going online and recording every single book/chapter they read for the library program. But it was still fun to pose for the pic!

Mia's eyes are bigger than her brain. She has gotten through about half so far.

It was a homemade Father's Day for a great daddy.

Including the ceiling decorations!

We have a new bridge over the creek behind our house and we had some fun playing on the rocks under it with Charlie.

Ann has her preferred place to read.

The recreational gymnastics classes got to participate in a little mini-olympics. It was soooo fun! Everyone got first place.

Gold medals all around!

Usually I am not a big fan of participation trophies, etc. But they have been in noncompetitive gymnastics for two years and it was just a really fun little activity for them.  They were beaming!

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