Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Snow Mountain Lodge

For the Fourth of July weekend we decided to go up to the mountains. I have heard over the years about the YMCA facilities and wanted to try them. We were not disappointed! Well, maybe except for the fact that the lodge rooms were way overdo for an update. We wanted to stay in a cabin but they were all booked by the time we called.  I guess that's what happens when you decide to go away for a holiday just a few days before the holiday!

We go there before Becky and Arek and the girls decided they wanted to go skating.

Yes, they still had their face paint on, sort-of, from the night before.

Everyday there was Gaga Ball. Mia loved it! It was a kind of dodge ball.

Rock climbing was so much fun, they went twice! You can't beat $5 for an hour of climbing!

Anna beat Mia to the top as she chose the easy one. Mia challenged herself a little more, but eventually did go over to the easy one so she could press the alarm button at the top!

In the winter there is dog-sledding, but they still let you pet the dogs in the summer.

Skipping stone while we waited for our turn to canoe.  

Canoeing was fun for everyone except Oli who HATED his life jacket!

Hiking with the alpacas was a highlight for all the kids!

On the second night there was a family magician. Maks thought he was hilarious!

Mia got called up to participate! She got nervous and couldn't remember where she lived (Parker) - she saved herself be saying Denver!

Summer tubing was a lot of fun, but very popular, i.e., long lines.  Everyone liked it except Anna. The best part, the tow ramp taking you back up the hill!

The only bust was primitive fishing.  First they had to hunt for a stick and bait (insects). I found the only insect.

Then our guide, the only cranky one we encountered, did not have enough twine.

Then a storm came and all bets were off.  But not before Becky took this fake picture of Maks fishing.

On July 3rd, the nearest town had a fireworks show. Perfect.

We left on the Fourth of July. But first we took this beautiful hike to a waterfall.

And the goofy picture.

Some other things we did....

We went out for Mexican food. The "large" margarita was huge! 


We watched the boys while Becky and Arek zip-lined.

This is one of the best family places ever, not expensive, clean, friendly, and fun!

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