Monday, August 1, 2016

Dar and Sean Visit

Dar and Sean came out again this summer! On our first night we met Dawn and Sean downtown and did an Escape Room.  We didn't get out in time but had a blast! The next day we had Becky and Arek over for a barbecue.  On the third day Dar and Sean watched the kids while Dan and I went on our annual anniversary getaway.

We had planned to go up to the mountains but there was a fire making the air super smoky. So we decided to go east, something we have never done.  Our first stop was Burlington and the Old Town Museum. It was a very cute, clean town where all the buildings and been moved from surrounding cities and place here to create an old town.

This was the antenna for the telegraph office.

I don't like when I go in a bank and the teller windows are behind glass, but I didn't realize that it started back in the Wild West.

This machine was used to make hair permanents.

Post office boxes used to have combination locks.

I have only seen sod houses built into hills, not freestanding like this.

This Last Supper picture hangs behind the alter of the church and was hand crocheted.

All of the buildings were open to walk through. Most of them had a prerecorded explanation of how things worked that you could listen to. This house was fully decorated in the period.

This was a child's hearse. Sad that in those days there were enough deceased children to warrant this.

The box bottom of the covered wagon was much deeper than I imagined.

First time seeing a chuck wagon.

Astronaut Mike Lounge was from Burlington and before he went up into space everyone in the town signed this.

Across the street I loved this old amory building.  It just sold last year.

Next, we checked into our bed and breakfast, a newer mansion that had been built 20 years ago specifically to be a bed and breakfast. It is also a winery. They don't grow the grapes here, just make the wine.

Before dinner we checked out the Catholic church across the street. I had seen the sign for the prayer garden and wanted to check it out. 

It was actually made up of four circles of sidewalks. For each sidewalk, there were five stations that corresponded to the mysteries of the rosary, glorious, joyful, sorrowful, and luminous.

And on the other side of the church were Stations of the Cross.

We checked out the theater at the inn when we got back. I'm sure this video collection was amazing twenty years ago!

We got to choose dinner time because we were the only guests!

I requested no meat and the chef complied. The owners are two men, one is the chef and the other is the winemaker.

If not for a fire, we would never have discovered this little corner of Colorado!

Once we got back, we toured the Denver mint with Bill and Dawn and had a picnic at the park with Becky and Arek as well as Nicole and Jason.

The next day Dar and I left on our road trip!

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