Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Oak Glen in the Summer

After the reunion the girls and I went back to La Quinta for a week so that we could attend Dave's promotion to General in the Air Force Reserves. But we got pretty bored quick because it was so hot, over 110 degrees every day. I didn't want to drive anywhere the first few days as everyone was tired out. But on the fourth day we decided to go somewhere a little cooler.  After a little research I found out that Oak Glen is now open for berry picking. Oak Glen is about an hour away and that seemed reasonable! We used to go there in the fall with the older kids to pick apples and I even went there with my parents back in the day.

Oak Glen was about 20 degrees cooler than La Quinta. It was well worth the hour long drive!

We went to Riley's Farm. Of course they always have to stop and pet the animals!

It was just beautiful there. And so uncrowded. I am used to literally thousands of people there during apple season.

There is a restaurant in the old house (maybe it's new made to look old?). But we brought our lunches.

The girls spent a lot of time climbing this tree.

This is a mulberry tree. Best. Berries. Ever. I've never had mulberries. They were delicious!

 Mulberries are a little messy.

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