Thursday, September 22, 2016

School Days

The girls are attending a public K-8 charter school this year.

Anna is attending kindergarten this year. She did kindergarten last year at home but we still put her in there this year for the following reasons: 1) Her birthdate is the day before the cut-off. She would be the absolute youngest in the entire class. 2) She is tiny. She is the same height as both Avery and Maks, who are both four. She is almost six. 3) She is very shy.  4) She has a cleft. It turned out to be a very good decision as the school, which we didn't know, tries to keep all the students one year ahead. So she is doing first grade work so it is all working out!

Mia is in second grade. She was not happy about going to school.

But when I asked her to be goofy she quickly came out of it!

Only time will tell how this year will go!

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