Friday, November 25, 2016

Night at the Museums

One night a year, Denver opens most of its museums for free. It's called Night at the Museums.  This year we decided to go to just one museum and then out to dinner afterward. We chose the Firefighters Museum.

Outside on the street, there were the most interesting pictures woven into the mesh of these fences.
This one is an old-fashioned car.

This is the sun and moon.

Popcorn and soda bottle!

A deer and an elk?

Firefighter Anna!

Firefighter Mia!

I loved this old door from the first station. The station where the museum is located is the second location.

The details up close were beautiful.

The original switchboard was like a work of art!

A few blocks away we found a family friendly restaurant and then it was home and to bed!

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