Thursday, May 4, 2017

End of February

There are certain times when homeschooling has great benefits. Like not having to go to the science museum on a school holiday! I made the crazy decision to take them on President's Day. It was a beautiful day! That's a good thing because we had to park a half mile away. We walked and walked and walked. 

I think their favorite part of the museum was playing on the elephant outside.

Or perhaps it was the climbing rock.

And of course before the long walk back to the car, we had to climb on the elephant again.

And we had to, illegally I'm sure, feed the ducks the rest of our lunch.

On Friday morning Anna has been taking swimming lessons. She has learned to swim on her back and her side.

When it snows, build an igloo!

We had a blast at the 1890 circus!

Selfies are big around here.

I delete Anna's selfies regularly off my phone. But I thought I should put a few on here to remember these days. These were all taken within just a few days.

Now too work on the hundreds of videos she has recorded...

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