Thursday, May 18, 2017

More Winter Happenings

I am not able to help on field trips with Mia's class because Anna starts school at 12:30. So I was glad to be able to help out the class with their cookie assembly line one afternoon.

Yes, Mia is dressed up as a ninja. Twice a year they have spirit weeks and every day that week is a theme day.

Each child at the table was assigned one job to do for the assembly line. At the end, one child inspected and sent back any cookies that weren't made perfectly to do over. The cookies had specific toppings that had to be set on the cookie in a specific way.

The ones on the tray have passed inspection.

Mrs. Le Doux is in the background. Mia loved her teacher and was very said when she went on maternity leave on the day of Mia's birthday. 

Finished assembled products!

Mia sure loves her dog. He gets a lot of love from her.

Anna has been making the cutest checklists. She usually does all the stuff on the lists as well.

We take Charlie in the car with us whenever we can. He stands by the door to the garage and tires to sneak into the car every time.

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