Tuesday, July 18, 2017

And For the Rest of May...

Anna had a little kindergarten graduation and end of the year picnic.

She really loved her teacher, Mrs. Chardon.

We sat with her friend, Veronica.

We took a little hike with the Maciols to a bird sanctuary. It was a nice level 1/2 mile hike for Oli, even though he wasn't in the picture!

We have the most amazing libraries here with programs all summer long. We visit the library about once every week or two in the summer.

We went on our first hike to Castlewood Canyon with our summer hiking group and they swam in the creek.

Here is Mia with her partner in crime, Claire.

Michelle took some pictures of Mia for her First Communion. It may look calm, but we had to wait in a shelter for a clear few minutes from the storm to take this pic.

I took this one right before the photo shoot.

The day before the last day of school was Field Day!

As is usual, May can be very rainy, even snowy, around here. So a trip to Chuck E. Cheese with Rylee was ordered.

On to June!!

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