Sunday, July 16, 2017

Climbing Castle Rock

This is our second year of hiking with a few families from our old homeschool group. In May, we hiked Castle Rock. In my wild dreams I did not envision we would also climb Castle Rock.

After hiking the trail that leads up to the base of the rock the kids played and we took pictures. 

The caves were pretty cool.

They were enough adventure for me.

But then a few of the kids started climbing the rock and finding a passage to the top of it. My kids followed. And then some moms thought they better go up so no kids fell off the rock cliff. And before you know it, I was the only one not at the top.

So I put on my big girl pants and faced my fears, just like at Mesa Verde, and made it to the top!

It was much scarier coming down because we had to pass some of the little children down in an assembly line! Can you believe we climbed that rock and were up there!

Cross that one off the bucket list with a permanent marker.

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