Monday, December 12, 2011

I - 797!

We got our I-797 today...but it has my maiden name instead of my married name. So...hopefully, we'll get a corrected one in the next few days. It looks hopeful for traveling to China in late spring or early summer!

A few days ago a cashier said to me, "Oh wow! Is that one of the old cabbage patch dolls?" I laughed. "No, it's only two years old! But, very loved." And it no longer gets clean in the washing machine. :)

This little guy only costs a penny to ride. And there is a bowl of pennies to be had. We ride it almost every time we go grocery shopping...unless someone chooses to make shopping not fun for mommy.

Some friends dropped off a dress up box for Mia. She wore this dress about 2 minutes. But she's been playing with the wand for 24 hours, saying abracadabra, I make you disappear.

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