Saturday, December 10, 2011

Candy Cane Festival

Today we went to the Hammond's Candy Cane Festival. Hammond's is a candy cane manufacturer that's been around since the 1920's. When we saw the line for the factory tour we decided that could wait for another day since they have tours every day.

It was already 34 degrees when we got there around 10:00. Trust me, that's warm for a December morning and the sun was really nice and strong. We rode the hayride first which actually went out onto the Denver streets. Unfortunately, pics did not turn out.

Next, Mia went in the bounce house. Again, it was too shady in there and pics didn't come out! We do have one of her in line waiting to go down the slide which was right next to the speaker blasting out Christmas music.

I love it when these two guys carry me everywhere!
Mia also played a bean bag game and won a little elephant. And then we went in the craft tent where she made a sugar necklace. I can tell the craft tent is going to be the place to be as she gets older! We skipped Santa as we are going to have breakfast with him tomorrow. How did we pull that off with his busy schedule this time of year???

These Rice Krispie treats could feed a family of four.

We topped off the morning with lunch at Red Robin and a nap!

One thing I do notice is that this would have cost a small fortune in California, yet in Colorado almost everything was free.

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