Sunday, December 25, 2011


I count my blessings that I have had all my children home for Christmas for 31 years. I know it won't last forever, but I am thankful!

Mia loves spending time with her older siblings. They are so good to her.

Friday night we went out to dinner to celebrate two birthdays, Dan and Beth. Usually we go to downtown Denver, but this year we stayed in Castle Rock. The kids loved that we didn't have to drive and find parking. We loved that the kids are getting old like us and like to be home early!

On Christmas Eve morning we went sledding. We've lived here five years and never noticed the great sledding hill half a block away!

Real snow cones! We added Sprite, Coke or orange juice to these.

You can't come to our house without having a tea party!

Every Christmas we do a jigsaw puzzle. This year's was a 1000 piece New Orleans puzzle finished on Christmas Day.

We always go to the children's service on Christmas Eve and see the donkeys and live manger scene.

Making green beans and bacon together.

Dear Santa, I want a tunnel and a scooter.

Here are some gluten-free cookies for you and celery for Rudolph.

Santa, that tunnel was supposed to be for me!

I do love my scooter!

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