Sunday, March 18, 2012

VacationDays 1-3

On Friday we embarked on our Spring Vacation to California. The last few years we've gone to Mexico, but this year we decided we didn't want to miss a few parties, including Becky's college graduation one!

Our first leg was San Marcos. Before a big storm came in, we decided to hit Grape Day park. Can you guess why it's called that?

This little snicker doodle threw that handful of bark at me. And then did it again in time out! So we stayed a total of ten minutes at the park. And in our rush to leave I left that cute little sweater, my favorite. After that, Dan went to visit his mom. Then Becky came to the hotel for dinner and Dad brought home a cupcake with blue and pink sprinkles for her new baby, due in October. This year just keeps getting busier!

The next day the storm hit so we nixed our plans for Legoland and went to the children's museum. It was one big open room and Mia had the most fun playing with the giant blue forms.

No trip to California is complete without a trip to In n Out. Sorry, fruitarian friends.

Since it's going to rain all day again tomorrow we headed over to Target for some toy shopping. Of course they are a lot more fun to play with under a blue "gorilla".

We capped off the night with tacos at Maureen and Paul's and got to visit with cousin Kathy. Today we head to Anaheim for a fundraiser and then Palm Desert!

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