Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Vacation Days 11 & 12

On Monday we left Anaheim Hills and headed to Solvang. We stopped at Grandpa and Grandma's in North Hollywood on the way. Grandma took us out to lunch.

Mia likes to play "pit" with Grandpa where they try to poke each other armpits and yell, "Pit". Seriously.

We arrived in Solvang in the late afternoon and headed to Sunny Fields park. Solvang is a Danish themed town and this playground clearly fit in to that.

We had dinner at the Red Viking. Who would have known that someone could love eggs and mayonnaise, but not egg salad?

This morning we headed out to Lompoc to do some last minute shopping for a party this weekend. On the way back we stopped at a lavender farm. The lavender wasn't in bloom yet, but I got some face wash.

After that we headed to Ostrich Land. Mia got to feed the ostriches. I couldn't take pics of that because I had to help her hold onto the bowl they were trying to pull out of her hand!

We then hopped on over to Mission Santa Ynez. This mission is a special memory for me as I went here in eighth grade and chose my Confirmation name from it. That is until they told me I couldn't use Ynez because it wasn't English and I would have to use Agnes instead. Needless to say, I went for Elizabeth.

The views out the back were extraordinary.

I love reading tombstones in cemeteries.

The location of the first California college.

None of my children developed my love of California Missions, and it doesn't look good for Mia either! So we went back to the park for awhile and then to a taco place. Boy do I miss good Mexican food! I also miss this...

I got the sweetest, firmest strawberries ever. The mushy bland ones we get in Colorado can't hold a candle to these. Dan bought a whole box too not knowing I had done the same.

After a little rest back at the hotel we headed to the beach. Mia has never really been to the ocean that I can remember and she loved running away from the waves. I think she could have played in the sand all day.

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Beth said...

Is she trying to be an ostrich in that one picture?