Saturday, December 8, 2012

A Miracle

I have not been able to blog. I'm not saying who, but some little munchkin poured a glass of water on my computer. Again, I'm not naming names, but she is really really short. Just sayin. So I'm typing this on my new Christmas present. We have just been hanging out, doing a few Christmas things, and waiting for the house to be finished. I'll try to take some pictures tomorrow of what is done so far.

I can't recall a toy that Mia has played with as much as these magnetic construction pieces called Magformers. It's amazing really. Beth bought them for her on recommendation of a friend. The box says for six years and up. No way! They have sparked the imagination of this three year old like you wouldn't believe. She makes them into cages, jewelry, roads, whatever! And she is not a construction type kid. She pretty much ignores her Legos. These pictures were taken at various times during the day.

The other day, we made really simple Christmas cookies.

This park is a really short walk from the condo.

So I'm not one to to say every little good thing that happens is a miracle. Well maybe I am, but anyway...we have had a miracle happen here at our house! Since Mia went to a bed from the confines of crib she has a HARD time going to sleep. And she wakes up often at 4 or 5 in the morning. Yes, that is for the day! And if she wakes up in the middle of the night it often takes her over an hour to fall back asleep. So in my Internet browsing I came upon the concept of a weighted blanket. These are for autistic kids, of which she is not even close, and for kids with sensory issues, which she might have a bit of. The weight of the blanket helps to calm them down enough to sleep. I decided I had nothing to loose by ordering one.

We are on night three of the blanket. The MIRACLE blanket. Mia has fallen asleep in five minutes every night. She has stayed asleep all. night. long. Tonight she fell asleep with Bob and Sheri, her two favorite people, in the next room talking and laughing. I get teased a lot because I believe so much of what I read on the Internet. But Holy Cow, this blanket has worked better than I could ever have imagined in my wildest dreams!

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