Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Still Waiting

We are still just waiting. Our closing date is next Friday and we are seriously wondering how they will be able to finish it on time. Today Dan went to meet with a home inspector we hired. They go to the house only to find that the wood floors were getting their last finish. Really? Right when we were scheduled to do the inspection? Hopefully it's just a coincidence. They were only able to inspect the basement.

We are in negotiations about this:

This is a giant chip out of the bathtub. The main bathtub. It won't be used much as a bathtub, but it will be the bathroom used by guests. They have since reglazed the tub, but that will not last as long as an original finish. And it's a new house, shouldn't we have a new tub? But to replace the tub would require the removal of quite a bit of tile and reset tile might not look right or match up. Ugh....decisions and no time!!

I leave you with possibly the ugliest light fixture on the planet hanging in our stairwell. What is with the double candle clusters??? I'm not sure I'll even be able to give this away!

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Beth said...

That is really ugly. Can't wait to see the house in Feb!