Sunday, December 16, 2012


I have not been into blogging to much lately. We have not been doing anything worth blogging about! Just waiting and waiting and waiting. The house is coming along great.

We took some pictures today. Here is our great room.

We are still undecided about moving the fireplace. If nothing else, we will make the windows on each side extend further down. We chose light color kitchen cabinets and granite since there is no window in the kitchen. This is the same as our last house and I didn't like having to turn on the lights every time I used the kitchen.

My favorite room in the house in the sunroom. It has the best views and the most light.

We don't know yet if we will be putting our kitchen table in there or sunroom type furniture. We have to see how the designated place for the kitchen table feels. We chose the basic lighting for the chandeliers since we didn't like any of their options and figured we would replace them all once we are in. We also didn't choose a backsplash because none of them looked right with our granite. So we still have lots to do once the house is officially ours. Last Monday our date night was appliance shopping. We bought our refrigerator, washer and dryer! How fun is that! Not.

Since the weather has turned we have gone from our everyday park outings to our usual indoor play spaces. This week we went to the Wildlife Experience. Our yearly membership runs out in February and I'll probably try something new then.

This is Mia's favorite thing to do at the museum. You put these balls into the top and when it is full you get an avalanche!

Last night we enjoyed dinner with the Feldes. They have three older beautiful daughters who played with our little girls the whole evening.

Yesterday Dan and I took the girls to the playground at Cherry Creek Mall and out to lunch afterwards. They will go to a babysitter tonight as we have the office Christmas party to go to.

Only twelve more days til we move! Then they can eat bananas on Daddy's lap on Sunday morning in our own home!

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