Friday, July 19, 2013

Anniversary Trip

This past weekend Dar and Sean came out for a visit! Bill and his family came over Saturday.

On Sunday Dar and Sean stayed with the girls and Dan and I went down to Colorado Springs for an anniversary trip. 33 years!

We love this hotel. Dan usually stays there for a week in April for the Space Symposium and I sometimes join him one of the nights. But this year we were on vacation at that time. So we bought two nights at the hotel at a charity silent auction.

We just relaxed on Sunday after going to church. We actually got to pay attention without little monsters children distracting us.

It was rainy and cloudy when we woke up Monday morning. Our plan had been to drive up Pikes Peak, but instead we had a leisurely breakfast and then went to the Olympic Training Center.

The tour was great and we got to walk around and see a lot of the facility.

My favorite part was this...

What else says OLYMPICS better than that!

It was still drizzly when we were done but we decided to go up the mountain anyway.

At 9,000 feet we stopped here. It was really foggy but there were lots of people walking down to a lake to fish.

At 11,000 feet we stopped here. There were kids gold mining. I was thinking Mia and Anna would like this. Dan was thinking, who are Mia and Anna? He is able to really get away from everyday life!

We saw a marmot above the treeline. Dan gives all the kids and grandkids a stuffed animal for their birth or adoption. Mia's was a marmot. That's the reason we knew what it was!

We got to the top!!

We were way above the treeline.

Look at that amazing view!!

Truthfully, we could see nothing from up there! But we actually had a really nice time. I slept on the way down. Thanks goodness, because I do not do well in the passenger seat driving down a mountain.

We had a beautiful dinner that evening overlooking the lake at the hotel.

The next morning Dan golfed and I went to church and had a pedicure. I really was hoping Mass would be in this cute little chapel, but it was locked.

We had lunch and then headed back home so we could spend some time with Dar and Sean before they left. They were so sweet to allow us this little break!

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