Sunday, July 7, 2013

Max's Baptism

Last weekend we took a quick trip to California fro Max's baptism! We left early Saturday morning and got into town around 11:00. We made a stop at In n Out (a must every time we go to California). We then drove around for a while so the girls could take naps. After quickly checking into our hotel we were off for the 2:00 ceremony.

The church was Polish, but the priest did the entire thing in English so our side of the family would understand.
He loved his baptism!!

At the end they recited some prayers in Polish. It is great that Max will grow up bilingual!

Afterward we went to a Mexican restaurant for a delicious buffet.

The next day we had breakfast with Becky, Arek and Max and then hung out at the pool until 1:00 or so. After lunch, we drove around again so the girls could sleep as our plane wasn't getting into Denver until 10:30 P.M.

For such a quick turnaround, it was a surprisingly relaxing weekend. Must have been all that driving around doing nothing!

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