Friday, July 5, 2013

Free Night

Every first Tuesday is free night at the Denver Children's Museum. It doesn't matter what our finances are, I love free stuff! So we go once or twice year with lots and lots of other people. Dan was coming home early from work to level the ground for the playset to be delivered the next morning. So he was grateful that I removed the girls from the premises and out of his hair!

The museum was the most crowded I have seen it yet. But we played in the indoor play area.

And we had fun with bubbles.

The girls "shopped" in the grocery store. That is one hilarious place! There is no comparison shopping going on here. All the kids throw items in their carts and baskets as fast as they can and run to the checkout, empty their carts, and run back to do it all again!

We stopped by the real life fire engine for a quick test drive.

On the way out there was a water exhibit with a really long line. We started to wait in line but then I noticed in the distance that there were people getting on a trolley. I never noticed that before! So we headed over there and took a little trip on the Platte River Trolley.

After the trolley, we played on the outdoor playground for a few minutes and then headed home. The girls didn't get to bed until 9:30, really really late for them. But Dan got all the ground leveled, with the help of a neighbor, and our playset went in the next day.

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