Saturday, April 19, 2014

Grandma Weekend

Last weekend was my Grandma weekend. For my birthday in October, Dan gave me a weekend in California to spend with the grandkids while he stayed home with the girls. And he thought of that all by himself. I say that's pretty romantic!

We knew it would be awhile before I could go because of the wedding, holidays, etc. But it finally happened!

Since Maks is living with us now, I decided to spend half of my weekend visiting my mom. She has had a very tough time with the chemotherapy and will now also have to have radiation. Six of her lymph nodes removed during the mastectomy were cancerous. I would spend the other half of the weekend with Avery and Ben.

I spent all day Friday at Mom and Jim's house. I enjoyed made them lunch and dinner, paleo of course. Mostly I just talked with my mom as she was too tired to even play cards and spent the entire time lying on the couch. Part of that is because she cleaned the house in the morning before I came! I had planned on doing it!

We watched Twelve Years a Slave after dinner - definitely deserved the Best Picture award!

I spent the night at Mom's house and left in time to watch Avery's gymnastics lesson. She was not too happy about that!

But she warmed up to me later, especially when I took her on a special trip to Chuck E. Cheese.

After our little outing I dropped Avery off at home for a nap and went to my hotel home. I headed back to Joey's later to babysit so that Brit and Joey could have a date night.

The next day I slept in a little bit and headed to the airport. Dan and Becky held down the fort at home nicely. I love that I got to help people out, visit, and have a little time to myself. Life is good.

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