Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Our Easter

We did some fun Easter activities this year. A couple of weeks before Easter we dyed eggs. I found some dyes without petroleum and we went to town!

Maks spends a lot of time watching Anna and Mia. If I could read his mind I'm sure it would be saying: What are they doing? Should I be doing that? That looks like fun! Those girls are crazy...I'm not doing that!

Then Becky and I hid eggs and we had an egg hunt.

Then I lost my marbles and said yes when Mia asked if they could hide the eggs next. Someone forgot to tell Anna that you had to pay attention to where you were hiding the eggs. And someone forgot to tell both of them that they were supposed to stay on the main floor of the house. We looked and looked for the last egg but it was elusive! It would just have to be the smell that would help us find it in a few days!

But the next morning Maks handed me a hard boiled egg. We have no idea where he got it, but we were thankful!

On Saturday before Easter we decided (meaning I) that we would have a seder meal to get a real feel for the Last Supper. Most people do this on Holy Thursday but that was Mia's birthday. We had applesauce, lamb chops, arugula and paleo flatbread. We talked a little bit about the Jews exodus from Egypt and how this was the last meal Jesus ate and that he established the Eucharist at that time. They actually loved it.

We were going to wash each other's feet but forgot about it because we had to start working on the Sunday brunch we we were serving.

Bill, Dawn and Wade came over for brunch after we got back from church on Sunday morning. The girls were very good at church knowing that the Easter Bunny was deciding whether or not to leave them baskets based on their behavior. They know there is really no such thing but they like to pretend. When we got home they found their hidden baskets. And I forgot to take pics!

For brunch we had chicken and Brussel sprouts, ham, berries, flourless cinnamon muffins, scalloped potatoes, gluten-free herb popovers, cucumber salad and egg casserole. The adults drank mimosas and the girls had homemade apple sodas.

After eating way too much we sat outside on a beautiful day and looked at the pictures the clouds were making. There was a gentle breeze so the clouds changed shape every minute.

The girls wanted to do an outside egg hunt so I filled a few plastic eggs with raisins, fruit chews and nuts. Shhh...don't tell them there is supposed to be candy in them.They used their buckets from the sandbox to collect the eggs.

After our guests went home we pretty much relaxed the rest of the day. Happy Easter...a little late!

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