Sunday, April 6, 2014

How We Do It Here

For once it wasn't my fault. I had to bring my computer in to get fixed. Again. Good thing we buy Apple Care. Always. At least for anything I use. My track pad went out. So I haven't been able to blog. Hate to blog on the iPad. Yes I know my sentences are not complete.

Yes, That's a picture of a window. In a little girls' room to be specific.

Daily savings time is here again. And we have two little girls that go to bed at 7:30. And we prefer it that way. And we have one little girl that likes to get up with the sun. No, we don't prefer that. What to do??? Especially when it is still light out way after 9:00 in Colorado in the summer.

Layers. Just like we dress ourselves in layers around here, so we dress our windows in layers too.

Layer #1: Room darkening accordion blinds from Home Depot. They are actually behind the shutters in the picture. They cut them to fit at the store. The price isn't bad. During the day they roll up and you can't even see them behind the shutters. Sometimes I leave them down during the day to keep the sun from heating up the house.

Layer #2: Shutters. I just like them. They are good insulators. We get some really strong wind here in the spring and the noise is much louder in the rooms without shutters. I love the look too and the fact that you will never have to replace them.

Layer #3: Room darkening drapes. These are from Pottery Barn. They didn't work so great all by themselves. But as the third layer they block out any extra light that might come through the sides of the blinds and shutters.

Add a few pillows to block light coming in under the doors and the girls have a cozy really dark room that allows them stay on the same schedule year round!

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Anonymous said...

Are they sharing a room now? I'm going to be looking for those accordion blinds at home depot.