Thursday, May 22, 2014

Last Week and Other Stuff

We are still alive over here. Things have been really really busy. I went to Parent's Day at the girls' school last week.

They ate cookies and sang songs. It was so sweet. They have a nice group of children in their class.

The girls love it when Becky "wraps" them. She is big into baby wearing. Anna especially likes it. The problem with Anna is that if you wear her when she wants you to, around 5:00, she falls asleep and then she's up until 10:00!

I took the girls for a hair trim last week. Someone decided they don't like me brushing their hair. Honestly, with the natural shampoo we have to use for her, her hair gets to be one mass of snarls. So she agreed with the hairdresser that shorter hair might work.

How do you think she looks? And this was out of bed without having her hair brushed yet. We are loving it!!

The contraption you see is an apple peeler and corer. I remember my sister having one and boy does it make a difference when you are making applesauce! We normally peel and cut 20 apples. We were done here in about ten minutes! Love Amazon Prime!

Dan and I refinished our 18 year old kitchen table. We made it darker to go with the rest of the furniture. We got two quotes of $1200 to have it done. We thought that was crazy! It was easy to do it ourselves. Hope it lasts. * smile*

Mia is becoming more and more of a chapter book person. She loves her Rainbow Fairy books. Frankly, I think they are inane and I hate reading them to her. But...she loves them and...well, that's it. There are no other redeeming qualities to them that I can think of. I am reading Little House in the Big Woods to them in bed at night. I get to choose the bedtime books! She also likes to listen to Magic Tree House books on the Overdrive App from the library.

Tomorrow we leave for Washington State to visit Greg, Beth, Alfred, Donna and Mike! It's going to rain the whole time. *sniff*

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