Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Larry Gets Lost in Seattle Part 1

We are back and had a terrific time in Washington State! We were in Seattle from Friday morning until noon on Sunday. Beth and Greg gave Mia a book called Larry Gets Lost in Seattle. It's a story about all the landmarks there. Before we left we read through it again and talked about all the things the girls wanted to do. The top of their list: ride our car onto a boat! Seriously, how much fun would that be!

So our first stop, while Beth and Greg were at work, was to take the ferry to Bainbridge Island. Some thought it was great.

Some...well...didn't even know we were in the car on a boat.

We had lunch on the island and then walked around a bit.

After a few hours it was time to head back. And yes, Anna was awake for the ferry back to Seattle!

After we got to Beth and Greg's house we went to the park across the street to meet Alfred, their dog. He is extremely afraid of children and so we thought it might be a good place for him to loosen up. He warmed up to them a teensy tiny bit before we went to the house for a barbecue. Roberta and Don joined us. I took no pictures. :( It was great to see them!

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Roberta McKay said...

So fun to see all of you Debbie! We had such a great visit and dinner...that we all forgot to take photos. Give the girls a hug from Berta and Don. :)