Friday, May 9, 2014

Super Saturday

Isn't it always the same. You have nothing on the schedule for several Saturdays in a row and then, four events all on the same day! Last Saturday was one of those. Our big event was the first Colorado Cleft Conference in Colorado Springs.

This was a day for kids with clefts to meet other kids like them and for family members to touch base with other families. There were several really good speakers and we learned quite a bit. Hopefully it will grow each year and be something we all look forward to.

We left the conference a bit early to go to Lorelei's birthday party. It was our last stop of the day as the Cinco de Mayo party was canceled due to a family emergency and we decided not to even try to go to the Kentucky Derby party!

This was our first time attending a pirate princess party!

There was food fit for the princesses.

We all had fun with this theme!

Even Morgan joined in the fun from California. (He's a family friend.)

We were thankful we got to go home after this party, eat dinner, and go to bed!

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